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  • DC Sharks @ Asana

    DC Sharks @ Asana

    DC Sharks posing during Asana 2019 in Long Beach

  • Boy Butter Ballers @ 2019 GSWS

    Boy Butter Ballers @ 2019 GSWS

    Boy Butter Ballers pose during the 2019 GSWS in Kansas City

  • DC Sharks @ Asana

    DC Sharks @ Asana

    DC Sharks pose @ Asana 2019

  • 2019 Cal Steinmetz Winner

    2019 Cal Steinmetz Winner

    David Quagliarello

  • Dupont Division Winner

    Dupont Division Winner

    Big Blue

  • CAPS End Of Season Party

    CAPS End Of Season Party

    Women's division celebrating awards at Pitchers DC

  • MAGIC 2019

    MAGIC 2019

    Spirit Award: Boy Butter Ballers

  • Women's Division

    Women's Division

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  • CAPS Women Division

    CAPS Women Division

    Credit: Toni Boyd

  • CAPS Women Division

    CAPS Women Division

    Credit: Toni Boyd

  • CAPS Women Division

    CAPS Women Division

    Credit: Toni Boyd

  • CAPS Women Division

    CAPS Women Division

    Credit: Toni Boyd

  • CAPS Women Division

    CAPS Women Division

    Credit: Toni Boyd

  • DC Party Animals

    DC Party Animals

  • DC Party Animals

    DC Party Animals

  • CAPS Women Division

    CAPS Women Division

    Credit: Toni Boyd

  • Titans


    D Division Titans celebrating win

  • Titans and Envy

    Titans and Envy

    Titans and Envy players celebrating Columbus titles

  • DCPA vs. Boy Butter Ballers

    DCPA vs. Boy Butter Ballers

Hall of Fame

CAPS is proud to honor those men and women who have given their time, love, and energy to our league. It is with these men and women that CAPS has grown into the successful, accepting, competitive league that we are today.

CAPS Hall of Fame members are current or former members or supporters of the league, including players, managers, coaches, board members, sponsors, or friends of the league who have/had an association with CAPS (or CAPS and another NAGAAA/ASANA-affiliated league) for at least 10 years.  Hall of Fame members have made significant contributions to CAPS and/or on-field contributions to their team.

Anyone may submit a nomination that includes information pertaining to the candidate's contribution to CAPS, including:  years played and teams; positions played; CAPS offices held, with dates; other contributions to the league; and other relevant information.  The Hall of Fame Committee (made up of current members) reviews and votes on each nominee. A nominee must be named on 75 percent of ballots for enshrinement.  If a nominee does not receive the required number of votes, they remain on the ballot for an additional two years.

Class of 2008

Dan Schaefer - Dan joined CAPS in 1994 after spending two seasons with Pittsburgh's Steel City Softball League. He has served on the CAPS Board of Directors as Treasurer (1998-1999, 2002-2005), Commissioner (1999-2001), Commissioner Ex-Officio (2001-2002), and A/B Division Representative (2006-2008, 2012-2016). He also served as the Director of the MAGIC Tournament from 1999-2008. He was Treasurer of Washington's Series 2003 when CAPS hosted its first NAGAAA World Series, which helped raise over $25,000 for charity.

As a player, Dan won CAPS Rookie of the Year in 1994. He also won two Team MVP's, and a Division MVP. In 1996 he was awarded the title of "Miss Glamour" for the graceful way he slides into bases. He has been a player and a coach on 18 NAGAAA World Series teams, finishing second in 1998 in the B Division, third in 2001 in the A Division, and second in 2003 in the A Division. His teams have also finished in the top five four other times in the A and B Divisions. Dan was the coach and a played a vital role in forming and maintaining CAPS's only A Division team from 1999-2010. Dan was elected to the NAGAAA Hall of Fame in 2012.

Cal Steinmetz - Cal played on DC's first gay softball team, the DC Tens, which lead to the founding of CAPS. Following their inaugural season, the team split, recruited new players and created four teams which became the foundation of CAPS in 1983. Cal played for 25 years in CAPS and another 7 in SFSF (Ft. Lauderdale).

Cal served on the CAPS Board as League Treasurer (1995-1997), League Commissioner (1997-1999), and Commissioner ex-officio (199-2001). He was instrumental in helping form the Women's Division of CAPS during his time as Commissioner. Cal and his partner Brian sponsored numerous Open and Women's Division Teams over the years.

As a player, Cal was one of the league's best pitchers and was voted as his team's MVP seven times and won Divisional MVP twice. He pitched the DC Metz to a second place finish in the B division at the 1998 World Series. Based on that finish, Cal played a critical role in moving his team into the A division, thus becoming the first A division team from CAPS. Cal was still a contributor on those Metz teams which finished third in the 2001 NAGAAA World Series and second in the 2003 NAGAAA World Series. Following his passing in 2013 from brain cancer, the CAPS Board created the Cal Steinmetz Sportsmanship Award, given annually to the League member who best exemplifies the essence of gay softball through spirited play, integrity of actions, fairness, and demonstrated good will and respect for opponents. Cal was elected to the NAGAAA Hall of Fame in 2009.

Class of 2009

Bruce Sprague - Bruce Sprague Bruce joined CAPS in 1995 and quickly earned the nickname "Cheetah". He served as CAPS League Secretary for seven years (1998-2004), and as MAGIC Tournament Host Committee and Concession Stand Volunteer for 10 years (1999-2008). He also served on both of DC's NAGAAA GSWS Committees, as Closing Ceremony Chairman and Field Maintenance Volunteer for Series 2003, and then as Fundraising and Field Maintenance Volunteer for Series 2013.

As CAPS Secretary, Bruce transitioned the league into the internet age with the development of several new and unique databases, which allowed for greatly improved information dissemination and timely web-site content, and helped the league more than double from 10 teams with 150 members in 3 divisions of play to 22 teams with almost 400 members in 6 divisions of play. While a Series 2003 Committee member, he assisted with national and local publicity and sponsorship efforts that brought a record 154 teams to the tournament and raised over $25,000 for local charities and service organizations.

Bruce has played as an Open B Division outfielder for all but his first year in the league and has contributed to many league and tournament championship teams, and several GSWS Open B Division top 20 finishes. On the field, he is most proud of his Open B Division 2nd Place finish at the 1998 NAGAAA GSWS in Atlanta, GA, where he played every game in left-field for the DC Metz.

Barb Meehan - Barb joined CAPS in the summer of 1999 and participated in her first World Series hosted in Kansas City, MO. From 2000 through 2006 she participated as a player/coach on a number of CAPS women's teams. In 2003 she was elected as the Commissioner of CAPS. During her time in office she oversaw many positive developments on CAPS but the one she is most proud of is moving CAPS softball from Tucker Fields to Watkins Park. She was thrilled to be a part of hosting the 2003 World Series Host Committee where she served as Operations Manager and helped secure the Heineken Sponsorship for the league. In her last NAGAAA World Series, she finished out with a bang at the 2006 Ft. Lauderdale World Series. There the women's team Capital Crew made CAPS history by going farther than any CAPS Women's team had ever gone. Capital Crew placed second at the 2006 World Series in Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

Class of 2010

Pam Briggle - Pam played in CAPS from 1987-2003 in the Open Division and later in the Women's Division. She serves as CAPS Board Member from 1992-2002 as Secretary, Umpire-in-Chief, Assistant Commissioner, Women's Division Commissioner. She was instrumental in helping form the Women's Division in 1998. After its formation, Pam coached a Women's Division team for many years. She assisted in organizing fundraising efforts at the Verizon Center that benefitted multiple CAPS teams. She along with Lori Bott served as Liaisons with Prince George's County concerning umpiring issues.

In addition to serving the CAPS league, she served two terms as NAGAAA Secretary and represented the CAPS Women's Division at NAGAAA meetings. She represented CAPS for thirteen years as an umpire as the and twice served as the UIC for the both the Open and Women's Division at the NAGAAA World Series. Pam umpired and was UIC for the MAGIC Tournament for 13 years.

Paul "Chip" Brown - Chip has been a CAPS member for over 20 years (1984-2003, 2012- current), and has been both a player and a manager. He was a member of the CAPS/DC Sports Board (1992-2003) serving as Assistant Commissioner for ten of those and acting commissioner for the other. Chip was pivotal in helping create the CAPS Women's Division in 1998 while he served as Assistant Commissioner. In addition to his Board duties, he was the NAGAAA Rep (1994-2003), the MAGIC Tournament Director (1991-1999), Director of the League Talent Show (1992-2001). Chip also served on the Washington, DC Series 2003 Organizing Committee and was the Board's NAGAAA Liaison during the Series.

Chip's teams were always well known for their sportsmanship, team spirit, and solid play. The Jr's Gamecocks team he managed won the C division NAGAAA World Series in 1995 and finished third in 1998. Chip was elected into the NAGAAA Hall of Fame in 2013.

Class of 2011

Matt Bittner - Matt was a member of CAPS from 1989 through 2011 and played on numerous CAPS World Series teams and helped his teams win numerous league and tournament titles. For almost twenty years Matt batted third and played shortstop on one of the best teams in the league and was considered the best player in CAPS for his blend of excellent defense and offensive prowess. Matt played in 18 NAGAAA World Series and led his team trophies in 1998 (2nd place - B), 2001 (3rd place - A), and 2003 (2nd place - A), and numerous other top 10 finishes. Matt loved playing gay softball and was a tremendous ambassador for the league. In 1995 he was awarded the title of "Miss Glamour" for his jazz run to first base and his gracious sportsmanship.

In 2012, Matt posthumously was elected unanimously into the NAGAAA Hall of Fame. After Matt had passed away in 2011 from complications related to cancer, the CAPS Board created a scholarship in his name to honor his contributions to CAPS and his dedication to his teaching profession.

Bob Jackson - Bob was a CAPS member from 1995-2012 and has held several positions within the CAPS board during his tenure. He joined CAPS after spending one year in the SCSL (Pittsburgh). He was the league Treasurer and is credited with developing the league's first web page in 1997. In addition to helping the league as a board member, Bob was one of the league's best players throughout his tenure.

Bob primarily played shortstop in his career and displayed sound defensive fundamentals and frequently made spectacular plays. Always a solid hitter, Bob occupied a top spot in every lineup. He is a complete player. Bob was named his team's MVP three times and was the B division player of the year two other times. He has participated in numerous NAGAAA World Series helping JR's win the C Division title in 1995 and the DC Metz to second place finish in 1998 in the B Division. He coached and sponsored teams throughout the course of his CAPS career. Bob continues to play softball in the SFSF League (Ft. Lauderdale).

Class of 2013

Lori Bott - Lori was an original member of the DC softball league and played for over 20+ years, ending in 2004. During her years, she served on the CAPS board for four years and was a Board Member for ten years. She served as the Leagues NAGAAA representative for four years. She played a key role in the formation of the CAPS Women's Division and subsequently coached a women's team for six years. Lori assisted in organizing fundraising efforts at the Verizon center that benefitted multiple CAPS teams. She along with Pam Briggle served as Liaisons with Prince George's County concerning umpiring issues.

As a player in both the Open and later Women's division, Lori earned respect with her solid play and strong desire to compete. She played on the first competitive team from Washington, DC to attend the NAGAAA World Series and competed at the Series in both divisions from 1982-2003. She represented CAS as an umpire at the World Series and numerous other NAGAAA affiliated tournaments from 1990-2002. She also worked as an umpire in CAPS League games and the MAGIC Tournament.

Class of 2014

Aubrey Collier - Aubrey joined CAPS in 1998 after playing in MASAA for three years. From his first year in the league, Aubrey has been the best player at his position in CAPS and was widely recognized as one of the best pitchers nationally for many years. His knowledge and love of softball still drive him to compete at a high level. He has always played on one of the highest-level teams in CAPS.

Aubrey has been named his team's MVP five times (1998, 2001, 2004, 2008, 2011) and was voted his CAPS divisional MVP two other times. His teammates and competitors recognize his achievements and his worth to his team. Aubrey led his CAPS teams to two "A" division World Series trophies including a second place finish in the 2003 Series held in Washington and a third place finish in 2001.

Aubrey served on the CAPS Board of Directors as both Assistant Commissioner and Division rep. He was a Field Captain for Tucker Road Fields during the 2003 World Series. He was a member of the MAGIC Tournament committee from 2000-2004.

Ron Dennis - Ron joined the league in 1996 and has been on the Board of Directors since 2006 where he has served as the Treasurer. He also served as Finance Director for the 2013 NAGAAA Gay Softball World Series. Ron is tireless in his attention to detail, and he has been commended on both the local and national level for the professional performance of his duties. He is painstaking in his commitment to doing his job as Treasurer.

Class of 2015

Jeff (Jiffy) Klein - Jeff began playing organized gay softball in Washington, D.C. in 1982 and has served as league commissioner, the Fall Invitational Softball Tournament (FIST) Director (the forerunner to the current MAGIC tournament), C Division Representative, and volunteered on several World Series committee bids.

Jeff began playing on the original Badlands team and he also played on the first DC tournament team, the DC Rogues. He then played for many years with JR's Gamecocks which won numerous league division championships and in 2003 he founded the DC Big Blue. He served as the coach/manager for ten years during which time the DC Big Blue won numerous league division championships and earned several MAGIC Tournament 1st place finishes. During the course of his softball career, Jeff has represented Washington D.C. in over ten different NAGAAA GSWS.

His accomplishments and his sincerity reach far beyond the norm, while encouraging collaborations on the field as well as off the fields. As a manager he has achieved great success not always with the most talented players in the league but by creating a team cohesiveness and synergy which result in great success. He has been the leader on and off the field, a fine player, exemplar of sportsmanship, and a good friend to the league.

Kevin Zajac - Kevin joined CAPS in 2004 and has played an integral part in the league since then to include leadership roles, displaying sportsmanship, and selflessly helping the league. Beginning with his rookie season with the Remington's Spurs, Kevin has been one of the league's best players while playing the most demanding position, shortstop. Kevin also coached his team from 2005-2014 and his 2005 DC Disturbance team became the first CAPS B-division team to win the NAGAAA World Series. Kevin has attended every NAGAAA World Series since he began playing in Washington and he helped the DC Union to a third place finish in the 2015 World Series. His teams have always competed at the highest level and have won numerous league and tournament titles.

Kevin served CAPS as the B Division Representative from 2008-2012 and was the Director of the MAGIC Tournament from 2009-2014. He was on the Organizing Host Committee for the GSWS in 2013 and served as the Fields Director helping coordinate four separate complexes and host over 180 teams.

Class of 2016

Ed Vincent - Ed first began playing in the league in 2004. He coached/played for the Remington's Renegades (C Division) from 2005 to 2009; the DC Fury (C Division) from 2010 to 2011; Logan Tavern (D Division) from 2012 to 2013; the DC Titans (D Division) in 2014; and the Heatwave (C Division) in 2015-2016. 

Ed participated in numerous GSWS in the C, D and Master's division since entering the league. He also served as Co-Director of the 2013 GSWS in Washington, DC. Additionally, he participated in several tournaments throughout the country including those in Philadelphia, PA; New York, NY; Las Vegas, NV; Tampa, FL; and Washington, DC.

Ed served as a CAPS Board Member from 2007 to 2015. For seven of those years he was the CAPS Commissioner, dedicating countless hours of service to CAPS. While Commissioner, he brought back Fall Ball, began the CAPS Hall of Fame, started the End of Season Tournament and the Spring Season, introduced professional trainers at the Skills Clinic, and created a winter coaches meeting. Ed also served as the league's NAGAAA delegate from 2008 to 2014.

Jim Jarboe - Jim has been a member of CAPS since 1992 and in that time has only played on two different teams, The JR's Gamecocks and DC Big Blue. He has always been committed to the success of CAPS having worked for many MAGIC Tournament Committees, represented CAPS at ten NAGAAA World Series, worked with ownership of local bars to obtain sponsorship for teams, led participation in the Chicago Gay Games, and played in many other NAGAAA tournaments in Atlanta, Phoenix, New York, Toronto, New Orleans, Orlando, and Chicago. He is also a proud winner of the Miss MAGIC pageant.

Jim has contributed to teams that have won trophies at major tournaments around the country including being a starter on the 1995 GSWS C Division Champions and the 3rd place team in 1998.  He also helped his teams earn trophies in the Canada Cup, Chicago Independence Day Tournament, the Autumn Classic, and numerous MAGIC Championships. 

On the field, Jim provided outstanding leadership and sportsmanship to his teammates and other players, and off the field he has been there to offer emotional and financial support for his Big Blue family. Thanks to Jim, Big Blue is currently the longest running team in CAPS at 15 years. Over the years, he has brought many young players into the league who continue to be active in softball and other DC sports. Jim has commanded the respect of the players, but at the same time served as a mentor to the players, especially the younger ones, on and off the field. He set the tone for the culture of what being a Big Blue player is all about:  not just winning on the field, but representing CAPS, NAGAAA and the DC LGBTQ community proudly and with dignity. Jim is a true representation of good sportsmanship.

Class of 2017

Brandy Nobbs - Brandy Nobbs joined the CAPS league in 1999 and was an outstanding player for all 16 of the seasons she played. Brandy was an outstanding and decorated player on the strongest and longest standing team in the women's division, No Balls Needed.  She helped found the team and won multiple team and league MVP awards.  Brandy brought a high level of skill and competitiveness to the Women's Division that not only lifted her team but inspired the play of all the teams in the league.  She played hard, was respectful, and was approachable to all players regardless of their skill level. Her commitment and consistency to the game was first rate, and she worked hard with her teammates to help them improve.  Brandy contributed to the success of the Women's Division by participating in three World Series tournaments. She enjoyed playing and traveling with some of the best players from the league.  She was the best shortstop in CAPS for many years.  She was the captain of the infield and played every game with grit and heart.  Brandy's play, character and spirit represented the best of CAPS.

Tim Marr - Tim joined CAPS in 1993 and managed and played for the Baltimore Hippo. In 1995 he joined the DC Eagle/Leather Rack, the forerunner to the DC Metz.  Early in his career, Tim played SS and batted third for the Hippo and moved to 3B and cleanup on the Metz.  Tim was instrumental in helping the Metz earn 2 nd place at the 1998 World Series in the B division and was a catalyst for the team moving into the A division.  Tim helped the Metz win 2 nd and 3rd place World Series trophies in 2001 and 2003.  Tim attended the World Series 18 consecutive times and batted in the third or fourth spot in the lineup in each of them as a testament to his remarkable consistency. He is arguably one of the best clutch hitters CAPS has ever seen and he was a consummate teammate. Tim rarely missed a league game, played through injuries and physical setbacks, and was a positive presence in the dugout.  Perhaps his greatest World Series moment was in 2001 in the A division when he hit three consecutive homeruns in a game--a feat no other CAPS player has ever accomplished.  For 20 years, Tim was one of the three best hitters in the league and was a dominate offensive force.  Tim continues to play in CAPS for the C division.

Class of 2018

Tonia Jones - Tonia was a member of the CAPS league for nearly 20 years. She started in 2000 with the DC Chicks, who were later renamed the Midnight Ladies, and played with them for several years. After briefly playing next with the Divas, Tonia co-founded No Balls Needed with some remaining members of the Midnight Ladies. All throughout her many seasons in the league, Tonia brought a joy for the game that was unmatched. Both her teammates and her competitors alike were inspired by her spirit and dedication to the game. She was quick to assist anyone who needed a hand, whether it was explaining a rule, providing batting tips, or sharing coaching advice. 

Just about everyone in the Women's Division knew Tonia. As a player in the league, Tonia was also an advocate for the Women's Division, frequently discussing the league to new people she met and encouraging them to sign up. During the 2015 and 2016 seasons, Tonia was a division representative for the Women's Division, and her goal during this time was to assist the other representatives in making sure the Women's Division had a voice in the league and that it continued to grow. The past few seasons, Tonia was a co-coach of No Balls Needed and her competitive but fun leadership style helped guide NBN to several championship trophies. 

Tonia passed away in March of this year, but her passion for the game and love of the CAPS league lives on in her teammates and fellow players.

Diana Ring (Triple) - joined the CAPS league in 1991, and has been an outstanding player in the league. She played with the DC Divas and participated in several World Series as a Diva, including Atlanta, GA, Washington, DC, Portland, OR, and San Diego, CA. In 2011, she co-founded a new team, the Capitol Cougars, a team she still plays on. Diana has played at a high level of skill and competitiveness as short stop and at first base in the Women's Division that lifted her teams and inspired the play of all the teams in the league. She has been a mentor to many of the younger players in the league and brings her own brand of humor onto the field. In addition, Diana helped establish DC Swag, a women's travel team that has played in multiple tournaments and World Series, including Orlando, FL, Kansas City, MO and Austin, TX. 

The team has improved consistently and in 2017, won the 3rd place at the ASANA World Series. Diana enjoys playing and traveling with some of the best players from the league. She has won both League and Team MVP awards, and has been a leader on her team, often being a part of important coaching decisions. The DC Divas, Capitol Cougars and DC Swag would not have been nearly as successful without a player like Diana being there from the start. Diana loves playing softball and has often stated that she's going to play until she drops. 

She appreciates the CAPS league not only for softball, but also as a social environment where she has met many great players and made a lot of friends throughout the years.

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